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First working on the Irish Traditions that are wicked weird -

Féth fíada  (Irishféth fíada, féth fiada, feth fiadha, fé fíada, faeth fiadha), in Irish mythology is a magic mist or veil which the Tuatha Dé Danannuses to enshroud themselves, rendering their presence invisible to human eyesight.[1] Féth denotes this mist in particular, and fíada originally meant "knower", then came to mean "lord, master, possessor".[2][3]

An example of usage occurs in the Altram Tige Dá Medar ("Fosterage of the House of Two Milk-Vessels"), where Manannán mac Lir makes an assignment to each member which Sidhe (fairy mound) they should dwell in, raising the feth fiada to conceal themselves from mortal men.[4][5]

The high king Lóegaire mac Néill, with the will to prevent the saint and his band from coming to Tara to spread the faith, sent out troops to find and intercept them. But then Patrick chanted this hymn, which caused the his pursuers to mistake Patrick for deer and fawns.[8]

The hymn was given the title Fáeth Fiada, said to mean "Deer's Cry",[9] though the phrase manifestly derives from the magic mist féth fíada.[10][11]

The magic mist is also called by another name meaning Druidical Mist (Old Irishceo druidechta; Modern Irishceo draoidheachte [cʲoː drɯɪʲaxtʲə](?))[12] and an example of its usage can be found in the Ulster Cycle tale Fled Bricrinn ("The Feast of Bricriu").[13]



Irish were huge believers in shapeshifting



IRISH SACRET TREES and the messages they speak to us about

Icourse of navigation SHIP IN THE WOODS show
nteractive video show collaborate on ideas/brainstorm/produce/create with one artist such as  Rebecca and Pheobe Tooke and Waynn Grimm or Naut Human

The emphasis is on what is A SHIP IN THE WOODS and interactive visual metaphors that respond to a person who travels throughout our words. How do they get there, Who do they encounter, What does it mean to their own lives? 

- Exploration in a world of ideas each tree is a potential ideas 

- Uninhibited thought that clears out of static 

- Unconcioussess out of Conciouness and visa versa

- The beacon of light within a dark forest of trees 

Rites of Passage (Such as Irish Rites)/Cultural Rituals


Create a VR experience
Each room becomes a multiverse


We collaborate with David Pena and Stuart Anstis to create an immersive environment that is an optical illusion experience or we do it with Stuart  


optical illusions

Object just over the edge of the ocean’s horizon is flipped upside down in the viewers sight. 

illusion shows, al seckle, stuart anstis, patrick, john 


Dennis McKenna - Terrence McKenna

VR - Augmented Reality - Optical Illusion show


PHOTO ACTION - with Perry?

ENDING OF TIME - Krishnamurti and David Bohm

my fascination with visionaries / epic dialogues in Ojai 

eastern thought / quantum science

Krishnamurti was born on/around my birthday May 12th and David Bohm was born in Wilkes-Barre, PA where I was born. 

*side note* - Dennis McKenna once signed a copy of his book “Brotherhood of the Screaming Abyss” for me and accidentally dated it 5/12 instead of 12/12/12.

WAKE (Irish Tradition)

legacy show

ship wake, wake up, dead party, Halloween show, celebrate dead heroes
impressions left behind, markings like petroglyphs, messages into space, 

our bodies moving through time