A Nexus in Nature

- Cathy Breslaw

EEGsynth jaw-jamming in the woods of Escondido

Chad Deal

Come Sail Away!

- Seth Combs

Any port for A SHIP IN THE WOODS

Cultural collective loses Del Mar den and is looking for new digs



The curators of 'culture capital' have an upcoming show at the Cabrillo National monument and a new permanent home.

A Ship in the Woods set to sail away to lands unknown

After four years, the Del Mar “culture capitalists” to focus on curating and finding a new home

Alex Prager, San Diego Fermentation Festival and Cognitive Camouflage

Co-curators Dia Bassett and Lianne Thompson Mueller invited artists to explore the topic of social anxiety for Cognitive Camouflage, a group show opening at A Ship in the Woods (1660 Lugano Lane, just east of Del Mar), from 6 to 11 p.m. Friday, Jan. 30. The exhibition includes Brian Dick, Margaret Noble, Ingram Ober, Perry Vasquez, Don Porcella, Marisol Rendon and other well-known area artists (plus one psychologist). Social anxiety takes on many forms, from the age-old desire to fit in and project a perfect image to the more nuanced tension that comes with the ubiquitous technology that's part of our daily lives. Each artist thoughtfully tackled the subject by creating installations, sound pieces, film, paintings and even interactive performances. Suggested donation at the door is $5 to $15.

San Diego’s Best Art Of 2014

For this look back at the most compelling art and exhibitions in San Diego during the last year, I asked a handful of artists, curators and critics to do most of the heavy lifting. But I couldn't help but jam in a few of my own shout-outs, too.

— Kinsee Morlan

Owl in the Daylight:

A Tribute to Phillip K. Dick

Artist: WSOHOIDPS with Salk Institute neurobiologist John Reynolds, Greg Smaller (LABS), Paradox at the New School of Architecture & Design and Daw-An Wu
Curated by: WSOHOIDPS

Ritual Howls / A Ship in the Woods

Detroit based band Ritual Howls performed at A Ship in the Woods for their Long-Term Memory for Light show featuring works by Anjali SundaramPhoebe TookeWayne Grim, and Matthew Bradley.

Full Moon Flight Studio

December 20, 2014

Owl In The Daylight

A Ship In The Woods Embarks On A Limitless Journey

Down in the canyon, a gust of wind swept under the cargo parachute hanging from the tall trees, causing the side nearest Kiersten Puusemp and RJ Brooks to blow open. The uncanny welcome elicited laughs from the co-founders of A Ship in the Woods, an artists’ retreat and event venue at a private residence they rent in Del Mar’s suburbs; inside the makeshift tent, Puusemp motioned to where the fortune teller sat at their last party, on Halloween.

A Ship in The Woods Faces Possible Demolition

Founders weigh the Del Mar art space's future

A Ship In The Woods Opens A New Store Front

Experimental art just found a new home inside a North County shopping mall. 

A Ship in the Woods, the mid-century Del Mar home that’s been doubling as an alternative gallery and hosting edgy exhibitions, an artists-in-residence program, film screenings, live music and other creative happenings since 2010, is opening a new storefront gallery at Flower Hill Promenade (2720 Via de la Valle) in Del Mar. The arts nonprofit will hold a casual soft opening from 6 to 9 p.m. Friday, April 4.

When painting becomes impossible 

Health issues forced Ginger Louise to change her approach to making art

By Kinsee Morlan

At 6 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 6, she'll make a grand re-entrance into the local art world with a solo show opening at A Ship in the Woods (2690 Via De La Valle in Del Mar). CityBeat sent her an email Q&A to find out more about how her struggles have affected and changed her art:

Del Mar House Provides Artists Sanctuary, For Now

Anyone who knows me, knows that a mid-century house turned gallery by its artist occupants would peak my interest. Throw in the possibility that it might all disappear, and I'm officially interested. I'm hardly the first. CityBeat has been following the threat to the house dubbed A Ship in the Woods since last November.

I decided to drive up to Del Mar and check it out - camera in hand. Above is the video I made about the house and its occupants, including A Ship in the Woods co-founders RJ Brooks and Kiersten

Culture Report: Good News for A Ship in the Woods


After facing a possible demolition, Del Mar art space A Ship in the Woods appears to be in the clear – at least until August.

Well, good news to those who love ASITW. Brooks emailed me to let me know their lease was extended and that they’re planning a campaign to save the house. Yay!

He tells me via email:

“The extension relieved the looming pressure to find a new place that might not match our style. We are finding more and more people in the area (including our neighbors) who are attracted to what we do. We can continue building a non-institutional, relaxed community of like-minded people who want to explore and discuss similar interests. In this reprieve, our plans for having more events will grow and include smaller intimate and larger community meet-ups. We are very happy to stay at the ship and hopeful to be here for the time being.”

Culture Report: The Art of Participation


December 17, 2013

In last week’s San Diego CityBeat cover story, arts editor (and former Culture Report captain) Kinsee Morlan interviewed MR Barnadas and Tae Hwang of Magpie Collective, who build art installations that require audience members to assist in its making.

Morlan writes, “Barnadas and Tae Hwang consider themselves just two-thirds of Collective Magpie. The last third of the collaborative-art project is the participant.”

SD City Beat

Coming Up At Ship In The Woods

In December, A Ship in the Woods will host a series of “semi-hysterical” events based on the idea that there will be a Mayan-calendar-related apocalypse:

• Psycho-Pomp: An Eschatological Guide to the Future. Guest-curated by Bernie Brooks and Kristen Gallerneaux with work by Southern California artists and a musical performance by Thank You Rosekind. From 6 to 10 p.m. on Saturday, Dec. 8.

• The Brotherhood of the Screaming Abyss. Dennis McKenna will discuss the significance of the 2012 Mayan prophecy and the release of his new memoir, which tells the story of his brother, Terence McKenna, a radical philosopher and key figure in 1960s counterculture. From 6 to 10 p.m. Wednesday, Dec. 12.

• The Last Laugh: An Apocalyptic Comedy Show. Stand-up comedy by L.A. comedians, hosted by DJ Douggpound of Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! Suggested donation: $12. From 6:30 to 11 p.m. Saturday, Dec. 15.

The Short List

Owl in the Daylight opens from 6 to 11 p.m. Friday, Nov. 21, at A Ship in the Woods (1660 Lugano Lane,, a house-turned-experimental-art-venue just east of Solana Beach. Artists Dave Ghilarducci, Jesse Harding, Max Nanis, Jetter Green, Dave E. Shere, Andrew J. Hunter and Alex Andre will present work based on Dick’s futuristic ideas and predictions. Some of the work is so mind-bending, the curators say, it might just make some folks question reality or, at the very least, trip out for a few minutes.

The exhibition will kick off with a live, theatrical performance based on one of the last recorded interviews with Dick. Then folks can explore the collection of mostly interactive installations and experience other performance-art pieces. “RHODOPSIN,” a striking installation by A Ship in the Woods and other collaborators that was recently on view at Art San Diego Contemporary Art Fair, will also be at the show. Donations will be accepted at door.

San Diego A List

A Ship In The Woods 

Ranked #20 of 71 for Best Art Gallery

Department Of Visual Arts UCSD

November 2013 - February 2014
Opening receptions on Fridays from 6-10pm:

A SHIP IN THE WOODS is proud to present HELM, a series of solo exhibitions featuring the work of Zac Monday, John Parot, Joe Yorty, Collective Magpie, Casey Smallwood, Zoe Williams, Ben Fain & Eric Amling, and David Prince.


Each exhibition will have an opening on Friday from 6-10pm and will be open through the following Wednesday by appointment only. HELM will run from November 2013 – March 2014 (Please see opening reception dates above). All shows are free and open to the public. Donations appreciated.

Month Of The Wolf


Three and half years ago, three years past, three parallel lines. Two thousand and ten, the year began as winter, transformed into spring summer FALL. Creative minds collectively brought A Ship In The Woods to fruition bringing together artists, designers, musicians, and individuals with a clear objective. An environment based on critical dialogues in art and culture. The house, located in the hills of Del Mar, was originally built as a summer home for actor George Bent before becoming what it is now. I sat down with A Ship In The Woods to take a closer look on what it is they bring to the table. 


Ship In The Woods Party

This party deserves to be talked about.  A house built in the 60’s for some movie star it is now an artistic commune for the likes of a few completely random and exquisite human beings.  They are gracious enough to open their home to the people of SoCal for art exhibits and live music and we were lucky enough to be a part of one.  We climbed onto the roof which overlooked a large portion of North County and layed on our backs to take in the night.  We shared headphones and listened to music till the sun peeked his eyes over the valley.  We awoke to a giant feast of a breakfast cooked by the house-owners and curators of the event.  Over this breakfast they told us of a man who goes by Bullet who had a dome house out in Joshua Tree….  two weeks later we would have one of the most memorable nights of our lives there.  And we intend to share that with everybody in a big way in the near future.

Dilapidated Sunset

Just returned from San Diego screening of 'I Love Skateboarding' the Pete the Ox retrospect.
Thanks to Robby Tavares, RJ Brooks and Keirsten Puusemp for the hospitality!