WSOHOIDPS presents its next exhibition, WAKE on Friday March 17th and will feature immersive art installations and musical performances by XIU XIU and Kid606.  Music on Xiu Xiu’s latest album, Forget, embraces the duality of human frailty that examines the palliative fade out of a traumatic past but also the trampling pain of a beautiful one’s decay.  In homage to this special St. Patrick’s Day show we decided to throw our own version of an Irish Wake. Artists and scientists will question our vanishing eco-system, climate change, and the decline of our political system.  Cristopher Cichocki will feature a new site specific 4D video and sound performance of his installation Circular Dimensions.  Come pay respects to the universal self as we move through uncharted waters and unveil questions that examine the wake of our future existence.  Remember to dress appropriately and bring flowers.  

Lagunitas Brewing 
O Truck Organic

A SHIP IN THE WOODS special thanks to MCASD for loan of William Feeney’s Bigsnooz


03.17.17 ------ 04.22.17


$15 presale tickets / $17 door


William Feeney
Jesse Madden Harding
Cristopher Cichocki
Yerrie Choo
Marisol Rendon
Greg Smaller
Kate Parsons
Rebecca Webb
RJ Brooks
Stuart Anstis
Gabriel Miller
Brent Langieri
Gareth Walsh
Glennis Muldoon
David Adey


Code Kitchen
Laura Dudek
Peri Smith
Kyle Stewart
Jason Alderman
Alex Olivier 


Madelyne Todd and Zach Young



Third Eye Productions, Ryan Bradford, Cristopher Cichocki, Julia de Molina, and RJ Brooks.

Sponsored by

*Parking available ONLY at Felicita County Park.  $3 car will be charged at the gate.  Proceeds from this will help support the park.