The Artist As A Vision Scientist


Patrick Cavanagh w/ no know (sound band)

Patrick Cavanagh | Université Paris Descartes 

From cave painting on, figurative artists often stray from photorealistic styles, taking liberties with the rules of physics to achieve a more effective painting. Importantly, some of these "errors" such as impossible shadows, shapes, or reflections, go unnoticed by viewers. These undetected errors are special: they tell us which rules of physics actually count for visual perception. As artists find the rules they can break, they act as vision scientists and we have only to look at their paintings to uncover and appreciate their discoveries. We will explore how to do "science by looking", unlocking the discoveries in art every time you give it a second, knowing look, and showing that artists reveal as much about the brain within us as they do about the world around us.

no know (sound band): Andrew Bracken | Sean Francis Conway

"Unknowing sound band approach is well known: walk thin lines, reject ideas that thinking thoughts think, proceed to create a sound sound."