Owl In The Daylight


Tribute to Philip K. Dick

11 | 21 | 14


Alex Andre | Jesse Harding | Max Nanis | Dave Ghilarducci | Andrew J Hunter | Dave E Shere | Jetter Green


VJ / DJ !ZeuqsaV!

Sponsored by: Lost Abbey

WSOHOIDPS presents THE OWL IN DAYLIGHT, A Tribute to Philip K. Dick. The first part of the show will feature a live reenactment of PKD’s last interview featuring actors, J.M. Perkins as PKD and David Miranda as interviewer. The interview gives commentary on the last unpublished book of PKD, “The Owl In Daylight.” The conversation will be taken from the book, “What If Our World Is Their Heaven?” The editor and author, Tim Powers, who wrote the forward, will be in attendance. 

The Owl In Daylight describes light as an aspect of reality that is a missing link in Pythagoras’s theory that states, music and mathematics make up our ultimate reality.