SHIP Pitch

A Ship In The Woods Foundation (aka WSOHOIDPS – is a 501(c)3 non-profit art foundation and cultural incubator working to engage an elevated dialogues in art, science and culture. Based in Southern California, since it’s inception in 2010 WSOHOIDPS has produced some of the most thought provoking programming that has engaged the San Diego arts community at large. Through its residency program, collaborations, events and educational programming, A SHIP IN THE WOODS has become a thriving community of innovative thinkers and supporters that include: visual artists, writers, filmmakers, actors, musicians, comedians, architects, scientists, researchers, and organic horticulturalists. Previous programming has included work by artists such as the De La Torre Brothers, Harrell Fletcher, Chris Johanson, Shaun O' Dell, Tommy Guerrero, The Mekons, 1+1-3 (a collective from Sweden), John Reynolds from Salk Institute and Patrick Cavanaugh, (leading internationally known Neuro-Scientist). Each year we attract new international and national artists both emerging and established to show at WSOHOIDPS. 

Building on the five-year success of our Residency Program ( ) in our prior Del Mar facility and continuing at our new location in Escondido, were interested in furthering these goals.

  • Continuing, broadening and sustaining the Residency Program, bringing together local, national and international innovative minds to discuss, create and explore elevated dialogues with a focus on art and science
  • Founding and sustaining a new community education and mentor programs for a variety of audiences. eg veterans, and youth 
  • Expand and enrich our multidisciplinary collaborations such as Rhodopsin. We are interested in continuing to produce and create large scale immersive installations that incorporate science, music, art, and other diverse disciplines
  • Foster new community programs such as collaborations with the Escondido Discovery Museum, North County High Tech High. Fab Lab and more
  • Continue our bi-annual large scale art and music event.
  • Continue to make physical improvements to our new location. 

Our new spot in Escondido has a residential gallery, a 2 acre wooded oak grove, walking paths, botanical garden, a 1000 year old stream and a stage.