Millana Braslavsky And Annette Isham


Art Show

WSOHOIDPS presents works by Milena Braslavsky and Annette Isham. This opening coincides with a live performance by Malian musician Oumar Konate presented by M-Theory Records. Music starts at 9pm.

2690 Via De La Valle
Del Mar, Ca 92014



Milana Braslavsky | Annette Isham

Milana Braslavsky

My family moved to the United States from the Soviet Union during my formative years, and I express the feelings of alienation and detachment that I experienced, and the wish to assimilate and belong, through the tension and discomfort conveyed in the artwork.

I work with domestic settings and distorted figuration, and the characters in my photographs transform themselves using basic materials including purses, pillows and their own hair. I use commonplace objects in combination with the human figure to convey feelings of loneliness and comfort, as well as the need for physical and mental protection.

The Purse series came about while searching for possible protective items in the quotidian objects of my life. The purses I found in the need for some kind of headgear turned out to become a grotesque version of a face, and while protecting me from the elements, they also hindered any kind of ability to see, breathe, or speak, and became a sort of suffocating mask. The outfit which was meant to give the body extra protection turned out instead to be a restraint.

Milana Braslavsky received her MFA from the University of Pennsylvania and a BFA from the Maryland Institute College of Art. She has received a Trawick Artist Award, a Baker Artist Grant and has been a Sondheim Prize semi-finalist. She has shown her work at Maryland Art Place and the Baltimore Museum of Art in Baltimore, MD, Katzen Art Center at American University, Washington, DC, Vox Populi in Philadelphia, PA, and in a curated exhibition at Fountain Art Fair in Miami, FL. She currently teaches college courses in Maryland.

Annette Isham

In Woman and Landscape, Annette Isham depicts otherworldly landscapes in which she performs a Sisyphean traversal of physical obstacles. Experimenting with video collages and photo transparencies, Isham plays with formal and narrative tensions, juxtaposing sublime and fantastic terrain with female figures that teeter on the brink of collapse.

Humorous and beautiful, poignant and absurd, Isham’s newest works allude to the moments of splendor, humor and struggle that define the human experience.

Annette Isham currently lives and works in Washington, DC. Isham received her Bachelor of Arts at the University of Richmond in 2006 and her M.F.A. from American University in 2010. She was awarded a fellowship at the Hamiltonian Gallery in Washington, DC., where she has had two solo exhibitions. She has exhibited nationally including Bathroom Whispers at Aqua Miami 2014, Condition X at Westside Gallery in NYC and Man as Object, Reversing the Gaze at the SOMArts Center in San Francisco. Isham is an Adjunct professor at George Mason University where she teaches design and new media practices.