Kera And The Lesbians: Year Past 23


Year Past 23

Filmed on location at A SHIP IN THE WOODS by City of Tar Films. 


Kera and the Lesbians

City of Tar Films

Playfully coining their music as "bipolar folk," Kera and the Lesbians deliver a vibrant shot of old timey folk that sounds like it belongs on a summer porch overlooking a gorgeous meadow — or totally opposite — and in a steaming hot speakeasy with whiskey glazed floors and dancing bodies. I guess that’s where the "bipolar folk" comes in; one minute Kera can be serenading your sweet ass to heaven, and the other she can be screaming fierce emotion until you melt into her intoxicating charm. With guitars and drums to match the sound of their whirlwind of folk stylings, Kera and the Lesbians are a thrilling live show you won’t want to miss. -Grimy Goods