John Chwekun
Stephen Handley
Packard Jennings
Reb Limerick
Ingram Ober
Lee Puffer
Yoshie Sakai
Trish Stone
Anna Zappoli

music by
Vern Rumsey (Unwound)
Pall Jenkins (Three Mile Pilot, Black Heart Procession)
Sasha Nonthingful

$12 Entry Donation 21+

WSOHOIDPS presents a group exhibition exploring ideas of art activism and social change in the 21st century. Traversing several terrains from consumerism to ecology, featured artists investigate the myriad impacts of post-industrial capitalism upon communities and landscapes in an endeavor to expose troubling facets of the monoculture of corporate power.

This exhibition acts as a profound interrogation of the politics of advertising, surveillance, and privatization as they relate to a vanishing public sphere and with it public discourse. Through invading and subverting modes of corporate communication, INTERVENTION engages viewers in manifold ways of seeing and comprehending as it investigates notions of privacy and individuality in the face of drones, surveillance, and propaganda. In the era constant media feed, connectivity, and decreasing attention spans, WSOHOIDPS invites you to a night of social awareness and dialogue.  

John Chwekun -  The ceramic artist explores the intimate relationship we have to that which surrounds us and the act of perceiving in real space and time. Currently he teaches ceramics and three-dimensional design at San Diego State University, Mesa College, and Southwestern College.

Stephen Handley - Are the approaches authors use to financially appraise their own work reasonable? Is collective appropriation / reframing helpful if it finds deeper conceptual value than what was originally intended by the author(s)? What are the most useful distinctions to be made between presentational vs. compositional appropriation?

Packard Jennings - Visual artist who uses appropriation, humor and interventionist tactics to address political and corporate transgressions against public interests. He has garnered critical attention across a variety of media, including: Artforum, Playboy, the Washington Post, and the front page of the New York Times among others. 

Reb L Limerick - is a growing multi-media artist with a BA in Visual Arts (Media) from UCSD. Her recent experimentations can be described as maximalist musical storytelling that incorporate breaches in the fluid form. The entrance of the audience is essential to her work, as Reb’s projection-oriented performances are intended to recursively engage the spectator.

Ingram Ober - San Diego based artist teaches sculpture and foundry full time at Palomar College in San Marcos CA.

Lee Puffer - An interdisciplinary artist who has a thriving studio practice in La Mesa, CA where she creates life-sized figurative and/or kinetic sculpture and installation work. Her sculpture offers cultural critique through personal and often controversial imagery with irony and humor. Puffer’s ongoing research is in the human creative process as well as the artists’ role in our contemporary culture.

Yoshie Sakai - Los Angeles based artist whose work creates an uneasy environment that embodies a love-hate relationship with consumerism and pop culture and how they simultaneously perpetuate both ecstasy and extreme anxiety in everyday life.

Trish Stone - A new media artist, whose conceptual art projects deal with issues of surveillance and intimacy. 

Anna Zappoli -  Award-winning, Italian born painter whose work explores the dark side of the human condition in its exploration of melancholy and loneliness.