Flat Earth Closing Show


WSOHOIDPS presents the closing of FLAT EARTH, a one - night event featuring interactive art installations. 

Organized by WSOHOIDPS in collaboration with 29 artists, FLAT EARTH questions new scientific hypotheses, revisits obsolete theories, and looks to the possibility of pseudoscience becoming the standard model. The show explores such diverse subjects as conspiracy, hysteria, flattening of the global market, gentrification, critical mass, and the Whig history of science. The audience is free to get lost in the immersive site-specific works that are scattered throughout SHIP’s 2 acre property. From Rhodopsin, a light installation to a large scale sound exhibit, FLAT EARTH encourages visitors to reconsider scientific “truths” and reflect on their own world view. Featured artist in residence Shaun O’ Dell will exhibit his new work which illuminates 25 responses to the question “Describe an event when you experienced a prolonged sense of the present”.

Sponsored by Lagunitas Brewing Company

$5 suggested donation
$3 parking @ Felicita County Park



featured artists

David Adey
Tony Allard
David Avalos
Eric Bellis
Stephanie Bedwell
Matt Bradley
Bernie Brooks
RJ Brooks
Randy Colosky
Jessica Frelund
Finishing School
Kristen Gallerneaux
Micheal Hernandez
League of Imaginary Scientists
Richard Keely
John Konno
Nick Lesley
Andrew McGranahan
Michelle Montjoy
Shaun O' Dell
John O’ Connor
Jones von Jonestein
Julio Orozco
Sien Collective
Dean Ramos
Sasha Koozel Reibstein
Vanessa Renwick
Jovi Schnell
Marc Silver
Greg Smaller
Walter Sutin
Chris Warren
Melissa Walter
Kathryn Zazenski