We’ve dropped anchor at our new location and following several months of renovation we are excited to announce the grand re-opening of WSOHOIDPS @ 3007 Felicita Rd in Escondido, California on Saturday June 4th from 4pm – 11pm.  The first inaugural event aptly titled, FELICITA, will showcase work by 26 artists engaging various disciplines within a domestic setting. 

With over two acres of lush gardens, oak tree grove, and year round stream, the new SHIP will be an incubator for innovative ideas and elevated conversations with world class artists, scientists, and creative minds from all disciplines seeking to enhance our ever changing world view. WSOHOIDPS began as an idea to host dialogues within a domestic setting and has grown into a vibrant community of innovative thinkers and supporters.  Our intention has been to further and develop these conversations as part of our everyday lives. This opening show is a reflection of our own story.  The art speaks to accomplishments we have made on our voyage and the challenges that go along with it.

Join in raising a glass with Wendell Kling for his interactive outdoor performance, TOAST.  Explore our new property discovering the wide range of experimental installations that challenge the senses and activate the body. Whether through sound, light, touch, or thought, the artists May-ling Martinez, Lissa Corona, Tim Mullen, Gabi Schaffzin, Sascha Pohflepp, Adam Belt, and The League of Imaginary Scientists will be utilizing a range of strategies for creating site specific and immersive experiences. Other artists such as Chris Johanson, Johanna Jackson, Eva Struble, Morgan Mandalay, Michael Whiting, Mark Mulroney, Kelsey Brooks, Eva De Leon, and Curtis Bracher explore the temporal spaces between challenge, struggle, and intensity surrounding new possibilities. In addition we will showcase work that examines feelings of elation, renewal, and dreams by Karissa Hahn, Lyndsay Bloom, Frank Van Duerm, Bradley Tsalyuk, and Corey Dunlap. Christine Shields, San Dieguito Synchro, and Institute for New Feeling explore the idea of community which is an integral part of our programming.


Musical Performances by

Sean Francis Conway

Christine Shields



Parking will be at Felicita County Park and not at the house!


742 Clarence Ln, Escondido, CA 92029


WSOHOIDPS gate entrance is located at the end of Old Felicita Rd within the sound end of the park. Please follow signs. 


$10 person (suggested donation) will be accepted at the gate entrance to FELICITA COUNTY PARK
Proceeds help cover event costs and artist installations for A SHIP IN THE WOODS FOUNDATION 501(c)3
$3 car for parking goes directly to Felicita County Park

WSOHOIDPS entrance / gate is located at the end of Old Felicita Rd within the sound end of the park. Please follow signs

*Uber/taxi rides can be arranged for dropoff/pickup at:
 3007 Felicita Rd, Escondido, CA 92029