Group Art Exhibition curated by Zoe Williams


Zoe Williams | Sean Beaudry | Cory Benhatzel | Heather Gargon | Sarah Gramelspacher | Caitlin Hackett | Robert Kraiza | Allison Sommers | Nicomi Nix Turner

For the 6th show in the HELM series, Zoë Williams will take over A SHIP IN THE WOODS as both artist and curator with an exhibition entitled Dreamlands. Dreamlands presents the work of eight artists selected by Williams and emerges from an investigation of the interplay between nature and psychology. Like the imagery in a dream, the artwork in this exhibition is informed by the world around us. While each artist's work is unique, common themes emerge from their personal visions, connecting them through what Carl Jung termed the collective unconscious. Dreamlands takes the viewer on a journey into this mysterious terrain.

Zoë Williams lives and works in New York City. Zoë Williams holds a BA from the University of New Orleans and a Certificate in Fiber Art from the University of Washington. Her work has been shown in various galleries around the world, notably Roq la Rue in Seattle, Auguste Clown Gallery in Melbourne, and Fuse Gallery in NYC.