Convergence Preview


You are invited to attend a pre-opening guided tour of CONVERGENCE at Cabrillo National Monument by WSOHOIDPS curator Lianne Thompson Mueller at 11am Saturday November 14th.  The tour will begin beneath the flagpole at the entrance of the Cabrillo National Monument Visitor Center.  

please RSVP to: 

Lianne Thompson Mueller

CONVERGENCE is a group exhibition curated by A SHIP IN THE WOODS in partnership with Cabrillo National Monument Conservancy on Saturday, Nov. 14. This ambitious exhibition of site-specific artworks and installations features local and national artists interpreting the convergences and fragmentations of land and water, as well as the habitats and people that are part of the rich ecosystem of the Point Loma peninsula. 

This collaboration between A SHIP IN THE WOODS and Cabrillo National Monument will meld art and science to create a unique series of experiential art projects communicating the value of the region's organic mixture of plants, animals, landforms and waterways that make up the bio-diverse landmass. CONVERGENCE seeks to inspire the viewers' appreciation for their individual and collective actions toward environmental sustainability.

Likewise, other artists will explore the historical relevance and cultural significance of the people that have lived in and around Cabrillo. With 48 established and emerging artists working in tandem with historians and scientists, CONVERGENCE showcases thought-provoking artworks exploring the site from a range of disciplines. Throughout the park, viewers will be able to experience immersive artworks including video projections on the lighthouse; interactive installations, a secret garden, experimental sound installations, a tea ceremony using endemic plants from the Cabrillo National Monument, large scale exhibits made from recycled plastic, performance art, spoken word, mobile augmented reality, projection mapping, kinetic sculptures, sound and light performances, and opportunities for audience participation during the Nov.14th event.

The show's adventurous lineup of innovative artists include:

40toes, Amy AlexanderMarya AlfordTrevor Amery Siobhan Arnold Michael Gerald Bauer, Olivia BoothRyan Bulis, Mike Calway-Fagen,  Claude Collins-Stracensky, Lael CorbinAndrea ChungHugo CrosthwaiteBrian DickTML DunnXuchi Naungayan EggletonHarrell FletcherBecky GuttinKeenan HartstenJoanne HayakawaJames HermanJohanna JacksonChris JohansonNeil KendricksJenna Ann MacGillis, Christopher ManzioneCurt D MillerJ NolandNicholas O’BrienRuben OchoaJulio OrozcoCarlos PelayoScott PolachAndrea PolliAurora Robson, Kim SchreiberEmily SevierJulie ShaferScott ShoemateAlan SonfistNichole SpecialeJim Skalman, Rennie Tang, Perry Vasquez,  Gareth WalshRebecca WebbAllison WieseSimon Wilkinson, and Jason Wright.

Music by:  The DonkeysPall Jenkins, and 

HeatRush (MC)


Convergence, 2015, Piece List: 

40 Toes

Erosion, NA

Found TV cabinet, linux computer, electronics


Alan Sonfist

Secret Garden, 2015

Boulders, endangered native plants, seeds


Allison Wiese

The Best of All Possible Worlds, NA

Public performance


Amy Alexander & Curt Miller

Confluence aka Untitled (at the park)


audiovisual instruments and equipment


Andrea Chung

_____ment, NA

Site specific, plastic signs, wood stakes


Andrea Polli

‘T’ House, NA

Site specific, pillows, tea made from endemic native plants, video


Aurora Robson

Soft Center (aka: Can You Feel my Pain?)


PET, Aluminum, polycrylic & mica powder


Becky Guttin

See List Below


Brian Dick

ship-wreck rocks


Plastic bag, rocks, cardboard


Chris Johanson

Untitled, $15,000

Untitled2, $7,000

Untitled3, $11,000

Paper, watercolor, wood frame


Christopher Manzione

Beginnings, NA

Virtual 3D Model, Audio


Claude Collins Stracencky

Leaf Practice, NA

printed instructions on paper


Curt Miller & Nichole Speciale

Two If By Sea


Audio Installation


Emily Sevier


$200 each ($1000)

Flags, fabric, metal, wood


Harrell Fletcher

Wind Chimes,



Hugo Crosthwaite

Untitled Convergence 2015,

$5000.00 a pole

Live Painting on Poles, One on canvas

Acryillic, Wood,  Canvas


James Herman

The Other Day


Cement, earth, rocks, artist made ceramic tile


Jason Wright

El Portal, 2015, wood, site specific installation, 2015


Site specific installation


J Noland

Seven Sculptures,

$200 each

Seed packets, Datura Wrightii seeds


Jenna Ann MacGillis


$2000.00 each

Installation and Dance Performance


Jim Skalman, Siobhan Arnold, and Walter Cotten

MetroWaste Water Treatment Facility, NA

8 - 30” x 40” Cibachrome original prints (non reproducible)


Johanna Jackson

Title?, $3,000

Title?, $1,000

Water color, Paper


Julie Shafer

The Pacific Ocean Looking in on Robert Israel


Camera obscura


Keenan Hartsten

Searching for Light


Wood, Metal


Kim Schreiber

Pain Killer, 2015


Paint wood with recorded memorial


Lael Corbin

Nest & Albido Frame Effect


Mixed media


Marya Alford

Signals to Sea




TML Dunn

House Afire,


TML Dunn,

Cherry, glass, ABS, silicone, steel, vortexer, vibrator, strobe


Michael Gerald Bauer

Hands Across Our Borders


Hold hands in circle , hi from Michael bauer instructions


Mike Calway-Fagen

Resurrecting Revolt (1,2,3,4)

$2,500 each

Performance, Plane banner, framed c-prints


Neil Kendricks / Carlos Pelayo


Light, water and abstractions merge in the experimental video, SUSPENSION, as director-cinematographer Neil Kendricks and editor Carlos Pelayo weave together a beguiling visual poem pivoting around an enig- matic searchlight piercing the darkness in a lonely vigil for souls lost at sea.


Nicholas O’Brien


Solar Panel and monitor,


Olivia Booth

Glass Tubes in Landscape III


Glass, paint and hardware


Ruben Ochoa

No Man Is An Island


9 photographs on plexiglass


Ryan Bullis

Mariposa the Tourist



Scott Polach

Applause Encouraged

Applause Encouraged, is set on a cliff side photography-free zone. This 45 minute piece asks participants to remain throughout the entire time. Seating is limited to the first 12 people.


Scott Shoemate

Six Dollar Chair


Pine wood


Simon Wilkinson

The Living System Beacon 01


Copper, metal, fluorescent lights


Trevor Amery, Gareth Walsh, & Rebecca Webb



Projection, steel


Xuchi Naungayan Eggleton

Exit Event


Unfired clay


Becky Guttin (2pages)

 1.- Vogue -   necklace and earrings  10 000  dlls

2.- Engagement Rings -  8750 dls

3.- Canoa - 6000 dlls

4.- Genesis - 6 pieces 6850 - Each 1450 dlls

5.- Olotes - 3500 dlls  ( corn)

6.-Greenland  2550 dlls

7.- Pala 2750 dlls  (shovel w glass)

8.- Homage to Max Ernst   3000 dlls

9.-  Garra 4500  dlls

10.- Enciclopedia  6 pieces  8500 dlls

11.- From Monday to Saturday   2500 dlls  ( the brooms )

12.- Pineapple - 3500  dlls ( bronze plant )

13.- Arando Recuerdos  5500 dlls

14.- Agarradera    2550  dlls

15.- Untitled -8 square aluminum compacted pieces  -  8000  dlls

16.- Homes - two houses  5000 dlls

17.- Untitled - Chains and glass  1250 dlls

18.- Untitled - Barbed wire  1250 dlls

19.-  Pan en la Mirada - 5500 dlls