de la Torre brothers

On May 29th the de la Torre brothers present “Quemando Las Naves” (burning ships), a phrase taken from the stories of Alexander the Great and Hernán Cortés, who after having their own ships burned to prevent any means of escape from seemingly insurmountable odds, told their men, “the only way we get home is on enemy ships, you have no other choice now, conquer or die.” Be transformed into a world of flying conquistadors and dogs breathing fire. Brilliant colors visually entrance you as you stand in a room covered from floor to ceiling in vinyl wallpaper. 

Collaborating artists-brothers Einar and Jamex de la Torre were born in Guadalajara, México.

(1963 & 1960), where they grew up until a sudden family move to California in 1972. Presently living and working in both Ensenada, México and San Diego, California. Jamex started lampworking glass in 1977, attended California State University at Long Beach under scholarship; received a BFA in Sculpture in 1983. Einar started work with glass in 1980; also attended California State University Long Beach. Both owned and operated a flame-worked glass figure business from 1981 to 1997.

Beliz Iristay 

Adverse to this notion of conquest, artist Beliz Iristay suggests we must look within to see a world outside ourselves. Influenced by her Turkish culture, she will discuss the confinement and control over women forced to live behind a veil of secrecy and oppression. 

Born in Izmir,Turkey, Beliz graduated from Dokuz Eylul Fine Art University with a focus on Turkish Ceramics Arts. She moved to both USA and Mexico in 2005. In her work, Beliz often uses the venerable traditions of her home country(s) and combines them with contemporary techniques. She collects the subject materials for her work from the traditions and politics of the countries she is living in. Beliz now passes on her ceramic knowledge by teaching in her studio in Ensenada-Mexico. She continues to explore new ways to develop her art in different forms.
She has shown her work internationally in Usa,Turkey and Mexico.She got nominated for arts grants and public art projects in San Diego,Ca and Izmir,Turkey. She now lives between in Baja California, Mexico and in San Diego, California with her family.

Not to miss musical performances by San Diego-based Cholo Goth pioneers Prayers and opening set by Other Bodies. 


Other Bodies

$8 suggested donation (all proceeds go directly to the bands and artists)

6 - 11pm (music from 9 - 11pm)

1660 Lugano Lane - Del Mar, California 92014
(parking available on Highland Drive)

(Parking available on Highland Drive)