Collective Magpie


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Collective Magpie

MR Barnadas and Tae Hwang (Collective Magpie) are conceptual, multimedia artists whose work investigates the abstractions and intricacies of constructed spaces, calling into question the resulting relationships formed by their inhabitance.

Their project for the HELM Series, Contract: After, is the last of a three-part series investigating themes of institutional, domestic, and legal space. This final iteration of their sculptural installation attempts an immersive transformation of the domestic environment of A Ship in the Woods.

Presented inside an existing domestic foundation, this exploration aims to merge the ideal with the real, the new with the old, the found with the made, the high with the low.The house itself becomes an ethereal construction for visitors to enter and excavate. Through a series of projections, prints and objects, including a sixteen-foot wide inverted dome made up of thousands of index cards, the viewer is invited to consider the private systems and structures we all construct and navigate behind the walls of our homes.

Magpie's current practice participates in, yet also deconstructs the realms of the institution, private v. public space, and the space of legal representation. Their participatory installations call into question notions of "authorship", "ownership", and "work", which are often taken for granted in a work of art. 

Their goal is to change ingrained logic structures and to encourage the imagining of new possibilities by creating experiences to be shared with diverse and ever-changing populations, or participants.