Cognitive Camouflage



Stefani ByrdYerrie ChooArtemisa ClarkLissa Corona | Brian DickRizzhel JavierKarla MisosevichMargaret Noble | Ingram OberDon PorcellaMarisol RendonDavid Shere | Jason SherryScott ShoemateSo Say We AllAsh Eliza SmithPerry Vasquez | (psychologist) Linda Williams

curated by

 Dia Bassett  & Lianne Thompson Mueller

Cognitive Camouflage is a group exhibition whose collective works delve into the many aspects of social anxiety in the postmodern era. Mediums such as installation, sound, film, painting and interactive performance will be displayed. WSOHOIDPS will present a deep examination of contemporary social anxiety topics that range from the cliché of “fitting in” to the increasing pinch of systemic oppression.

This exhibition will also focus on how the technological apparatus can magnify conflict between culture, class, gender and related issues. The works will also address how desire for image perfection, status or achieving a level of acceptability set among peers can lead to self-doubt or alienation. In response, artists will demonstrate how to break down barriers causing social anxiety by using the same technology that fostered them, allowing the audience to participate in techniques on how to overcome social anxiety through interactive performances.