location: satellite event @ USS Midway or Maritime Museum San Diego, CA


WSOHOIDPS presents WORSHIP / WARSHIP,  an interactive performance where visitors will participate in the meditative practice of soji through the polishing / rubbing of the USS Midway.  This meditative act of beautifying a vessel used for war offers inquiry into our mental states of conflict and resolution. 

Soji is a spiritual practice, an extension of meditation, where the fluid, open sensibility that was cultivated on the meditation cushion is brought to the task at hand. If we've had an experience of softening or opening up or had some kind of realization while sitting on the cushion but we cannot experience or manifest it while we're off the cushion, then that experience is not quite complete. We haven't finished fully integrating it. Soji gives us a chance to do the work of bringing meditation to our whole self and to notice in a very real way how well that's going.