Ship In The Woods

Residency Program

A SHIP IN THE WOODS Residency is a program for artists, musicians, writers, researchers and other cultural innovators. As a temporal armature, its aim is to offer a space in which residents can focus on any need that is unique to them. Work is optional, project proposals are welcomed and play is encouraged. 


Studio Space: 24/7 access to housing & workshop. 2.14 acres of land. 

Also provided:

  • Electricity
  • Wireless Internet
  • Full Bath
  • Bed

Please note:

  • Located next to Felicita Park which is 52 acres.
  • 24/7 access to kitchen
  • There are technique-specific tools in the workshop
  • We provide tools; workshop restrictions apply

The workspace studio is not open to the public, with the exception of planned Open Studio events.

Publicity: Participants are announced on A SHIP IN THE WOODS website as well as featured on other digital communication channels. Featured artist exhibitions are promoted as part of A SHIP IN THE WOODS events.

Stipend: Not at this time but applicants may apply for residency grants with WSOHOIDPS individually.