WSOHOIDPS new headquarters is located adjacent to Felicita Park in Escondido, CA.  The park was named after the daughter of (Pontho) the chief of the Kumeyaay indians.  Her name was originally Halahwee before being baptized by a Spanish priest and changed to Felicita (Spanish for "Happy Little One"). 

Felicita Park is a historical landmark located in Escondido. Many years ago it was the home of the Kumeyaay Indians. They lived in the oak forests and near creeks which can still be seen today. The Indians used to grind acorns with rocks called metate. The acorns were their source of food. 

They crushed the acorns on a big rock, then took a basket and put them through water, because there is dioxide in acorns. They used obsidian and quartz to make arrowheads.  In summer they wore bark, and plants. In winter they wore animal skins. 

They had seasonings for food. There were seeds and leaves, which they used for medicine.

They had a stick called the rabbit stick. They killed rabbits by throwing this stick at the rabbit's neck and legs.

Kumeyaay made pottery out of dirt and clay. They drew interesting paintings on the stones near Lake Hodges.