SITE MAP showing joint properties. 

SITE MAP showing joint properties. 

A SHIP IN THE WOODS seeks investors to help expand its current home headquarters into a 5 acre art incubator, sculpture garden, ecological preserve, residency and venue within the north county oak grove bordering Felicita Park, near Lake Hodges and close access off the 15.  

Renown Fleet Family of the Rueben H. Fleet Science Center, entrusts its 3 acre Escondido property to art collective A SHIP IN THE WOODS, as it seeks to expand


A SHIP IN THE WOODS looks to expand its permanent headquarters at the south end of Felicita Park in Escondido.  A 3 acre bordering property once owned by Yolanda Fleet of the Ruben H. Fleet Science Center family, is being sought by the nonprofit foundation to be used as an art incubator, educational center and residency retreat drawing international artists and innovative minds to north county.   With help from donors and supporters of the 7 yr old grass roots organization,  the vision to combine the adjoining Fleet property would create a 5 acre art compound.  


“There is a unique opportunity to create something special here that would help put Escondido on the art map and add to the burgeoning scene in San Diego. “  says co-founder/director RJ Brooks.    It almost seems serendipitous to even have the chance to acquire this property from a family responsible for the Rueben H. Fleet Science Center in Balboa Park.  A lot of our interest in contemporary art discusses the fringes of science/art.  It would be fitting to have the Yolanda Fleet property utilized by A SHIP IN THE WOODS to solidify the exploration of these dialogues and preserve this unique park-like setting as a destination spot for artists seeking inspiration within a natural environment,  within close driving distance to downtown San Diego, the desert, the pacific ocean, Mexico and Los Angeles.  Guests in residence have the option can


What’s at stake? 

3 Acre oak grove with stream, pond, and 5 bedroom colonial home.  


Incubator for contemporary art, residency program, eco art, outdoor sculpture gardens and installations, science research, wildlife preservation, summer camp, event space and educational walking tours. 

A SHIP IN THE WOODS FOUNDATION, a 501(c)3 nonprofit since 2013, proposes an expansion of its new permanent location at 3007 Felicita Rd, adjacent to Felicity County Park, and requests to have the 3 acre lot owned by the Fleet Family Trust to purchase to A SHIP IN THE WOODS Foundation. 

The foundation proposes to utilize the existing colonial home and land to enhance their future goals. In turn we can strengthen our community based program and take it to the next level. Our goals for the the property are to:

  • Work with local organizations to create an educational center that serves the undeserved community such as the veterans, seniors, and youth in and around San Diego County.
  • Build and develop a year round residency program and workshop for innovative multidisciplinary thinkers such as artists, filmakers, new media innovators,  scientists, psychologists, political scientists, musicians,  ect… 
  • Enhance and preserve the natural habitat and wildlife, create interpretive walking trails and plant organic gardens.
  • Allow space for artists to create outdoor interactive installations and large scale sculptures for the community to engage with during our public events.
  • Collaborate with organizations such as Museum Of Contemporary Art, the New Children’s Museum, High Tech High and California College of the Arts (San Francisco), to create innovative community events that can bridge the City of San Diego population with North County and beyond.
  • Provide an opportunity for high tech companies and scientists to test their new projects and ideas. A SHIP IN THE WOODS can be a living lab in an natural environment and incubator for new innovations.

About Us

After 6 years our non-profit organization has become a recognized cultural leader in the North County of San Diego.  Through its residency program (80+ creative thinkers in 6 years), group art exhibitions, lectures, musical performances and collaborative projects it has created a thriving community of academic, innovative thinkers, and visitors searching for elevated discussions in art, science and culture.   As an incubator for new ideas and fringe discussions, A SHIP IN THE WOODS has consistently given exposure and a platform to established artists locally, nationally and internationally, along with students and professors from many accredited local universities.  Our vision has been to engage the community and show that our domestic spaces can also be our learning spaces.  We take an alternative approach to the elevated dialogues found in museums or institutions, showing that art, science, and culture are part of our daily lives.  Through our continued efforts we embrace our role as "a vessel for cultural capital." 

FLAT EARTH opening show 09.25.16

FLAT EARTH opening show 09.25.16

community engagment:  

The recent opening for our latest show, FLAT EARTH, attracted a diverse group of 600 - 700 visitors partaking in interactive art exhibits from over 30 artists and musical performances by internationally acclaimed band the Mekons, Sam Coomes (Quasi), Sun Foot (Chris Johanson) and local band M. Goner.   Our first day show felt like a mini festival and showed the potential for similar annual events in the future.  We’re also excited to continue nurturing a great relationship with Felicita County Park where portions of our proceeds for each event help support the park.

We recently were awarded a grant from the County of San Diego, and celebrated an official ribbon cutting ceremony of our new location this past year with San Diego County Supervisor Dave Roberts.

future collaborators:  


San Diego Zoo

The New Children's Museum


notable past artists include: 

Chris Johanson, Johanna Jackson,  Crispin Glover, Alan Sonfist, Harrell Fletcher, De La Torre Brothers, Shaun O'Dell, Mariah Garnett,  Eve Fowler, etc...


notable past musicians include: 

the Mekons, Sam Coomes, Sun Foot, Prayers, HTRK, Ritual Howls, Pall Jenkins, Kera and the Lesbians, Tommy Guerrero, etc...


notable figures and events: 

Patrick Cavanagh - world renown vision scientist (Harvard)

DJ Douggpound - (comedian, Tim and Eric's Awesome Show, Great Job!, Portlandia)

Dennis McKenna - ethnopharmacologist, book release

1+1=3 EEGSYNTH (Swedish Arts Council)

HELM - series of solo art exhibitions curated by Dr. Lara Bullock

Rhodopsin #1 - featured at ArtSD'14,

Rhodopsin #2 - WoW Festival at La Jolla Playhouse '15

Rhodopsin #3 at UCSD Filmatic Festival 16' promoted by ArtPower

Convergence - group exhibition at Cabrillo National Monument

A Tribute to Philip K. Dick

FELICITA - Grand Re-Opening group show

Wayne Coyne (Flaming Lips) after party w/ cast of Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots



Stone Brewing Company

Lagunitas Brewing Company

Saint Archer Brewing Company

Lost Abbey Brewing Company

Fall Brewing Company



Universal Printworks

Polk Audio

Wells Fargo Bank

San Diego CityBeat

M-Theory Records

+ many more...


recording studio_p1.jpg

Creative Arts Studio

We are currently working with Paradox Urban Design Laboratory on the design of a new arts studio that will house a recording studio, video production, gallery and residency program.  Our music advisory board consists of Lou Niles (91x), Pall Jenkins (Black Heart Procession), etc..



The Paradox team are also helping to design a spherical event space and permanent location for our ongoing collaborative Rhodopsin project inspired by Patrick Cavanagh (Harvard) and John Reynolds (Salk Neurobiologist).    

Education / Residency

WSOHOIDPS teams up with Not Nothing Projects to serve as a supportive and motivating source for community engagement, arts education, and artist development.  Created by artist and educational director Lissa Corona, the Fleet Home would become an educational center and residency for local and visiting artists and innovative thinkers.  

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony w/ County Supervisor Dave Roberts, WSOHOIDPS Co-founder RJ Brooks and Co-executive director Lianne Mueller. 

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony w/ County Supervisor Dave Roberts, WSOHOIDPS Co-founder RJ Brooks and Co-executive director Lianne Mueller.