WSOHOIDPS (A SHIP IN THE WOODS) is a non-profit incubator working to engage the community through elevated dialogues in art, science, music, new media and culture based in Southern California. Through diverse curated events, residency programs, and interdisciplinary collaborations, WSOHOIDPS has become a thriving community of innovative thinkers and supporters interested in exploring our ever-evolving experience of the world.   


RJ Brooks - co-founder / director

Lianne Thompson Mueller - co-executive director

Dan Fauchier - co-founder / facilitator

Rebecca Webb - director, new media

Shea - director of public relations

Lidia Rossner - special events advisor

John Reynolds - science liaison / board member

Will Reid - events coordinator

Bernie Brooks - music blog editor


EXECUTIVE BOARD /// Dan Fauchier /// RJ Brooks /// John Reynolds /// Ryan Jefferies /// Jeff Ray /// Lianne Mueller /// Rebecca Webb /// Chris Johanson /// Johanna Jackson

ADVISORY BOARD /// Debra Poteet /// Larry Poteet /// Joy Decena /// Vernon Franck  /// Shaun O'Dell /// Beth Soroko /// Perry Vasquez /// Lidia Rossner

MUSIC ADVISORY BOARD /// Lou Niles /// Pall Jenkins /// Ubaldo Ramone Salvador /// John Scanlon /// Greg Smaller


WSOHOIDPS has been 100% run by volunteers and is a labor of love for its co-founders who have invested their time, labor, and money to provide a permanent platform for the creative community.  With your support we will be able to continue and expand our programming for years to come.  



  • Theorists and Innovators: local, international, emerging and established creative thinkers
  • Innovators: from a wide variety of disciplines— art, music, science, ecology, film, new media, technology, and more
  • Collaborators 
  • Partners (UCSD, FAB LAB)
  • Mentors
  • Volunteers
  • Sponsors
  • Donors


  • Provide an intimate space to think and develop ideas
  • Collaborative projects
  • Experimental platform
  • Community engagement
  • Natural and domestic spaces


  • Immersive and interactive installations, new media, experimental films, music, 2D, 3D, social practice, performance art, lectures, comedy, and more…
  • Subjects such as art, science, culture, ecology, politics, history, psychology, and more...
  • Exhibits in Escondido as well as satellite shows throughout Southern California and beyond


    • light and sound collaboration with renown vision scientist Patrick Cavanagh, Salk neurobiologist John Reynolds, sound artist Greg Smaller, exhibited at ARTSD'14, WoW Festival (La Jolla Playhouse) and Filmatic Festival at UC San Diego. 
  • Sound recording studio
    • recording studio that inversely serves as a stage for performances
  • Creative Arts and Residency Studio in collaboration w/ Paradox Urban Design Laboratory
  • WSOHOIDPS Residency Expansion Proposal
  • Mentorship program with San Marcos State University
  • Letter of Marque
  • Expeditions
    • curated excursions to new unexpected locations that stimulate dialogue, wonderment and creativity. Our first expedition will be lead by Richard Keely to the Salton Sea and beyond.
  • HELM
    • solo exhibitions by emerging curators with guidance from established curators
  • New Permanent RHODOPSIN Installation: design/build of 360 dome for RHODOPSIN and exhibition space.



Xiu Xiu (03.17.17)

HPP VR - High Place Phenomenon Virtual Reality (forthcoming)

A HOME IS NOT A HOUSE (forthcoming)

LETTER OF MARQUE (forthcoming)

FILMATIC (forthcoming)

FLAT EARTH (09.25.16)

FELICITA (06.04.16)

CONVERGENCE (11.14.15)

RHODOPSIN @ La Jolla Playhouse UCSD WoW Festival (10.09.15)

RHODOPSIN @ UCSD Filmatic Festival (05.07.16)

RHODOPSIN @ ARTSD'14 (11.06.14)